Protect your family and investment.

Coastal Florida is a moist environment and homes are susceptible to microbial infestations. Protect your family and investment by performing a mold assessment to evaluate for dormant and active mold growth. At DEI, we have extensive knowledge in evaluating residential and commercial properties for indoor air quality issues. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we perform our microbial investigation to detect and location mold, black mold, and allergenic & pathogenic molds.
A typical mold assessment includes collecting swab, air, and cavity samples from your property. After collecting these samples, they’re sent to an AIHA-approved (change this) laboratory for analysis or your air quality sample can be analyzed immediately and on-site, using the latest mold inspection device, the Instascope. Once these results are returned, they will be reviewed by a board-certified inspector. A final report will be issued with the findings and will be reviewed with the client.
Learn more about the latest technology in mold testing below.

Instascope – Unlimited samples with instant results.

DEI is one of the very first mold-assessors in Florida to have brand new technology. The Instascope now will allow you, the home-owner, to get unlimited air samples taken from your home, all with one flat rate. Previously, most inspections companies will only take 1-2 samples, and charge you for each additional sample, raising the quoted and advertised price, making your inspection cost higher than expected.

Now - Unlimited Samples – One Fixed Price!

The Instascope is the latest piece of equipment that gives instant Air Sampling for Mold + Airborne Biology. No more waiting for weeks for results.

Every Room.

Unlimited samples with instant results allow you to test the whole property.  Remove the guesswork of where and when to sample. One flat cost for a whole-property report with unlimited samples.

Instant Results.

InstaScope is an instant microscope that puts the power of the lab in the hands of technicians in the field.  Instant results mean more efficient jobs and more engaged customers.

Better Technology.

Next generation optical technology developed by the military and commercially hardened for everyday use. Peer-reviewed science in a field-tested package made for technicians.

No Lab Required.

InstaScope interfaces with an easy to use iPad app. Giving the inspector access to the power of a microscope, without the time and cost associated with waiting for samples from a lab. Learn more about the iPad app and the incredible technology powering the InstaScope by reading our Technology.

Meet the InstaScope.

InstaScope harnesses the power of next-generation optical particle science, and puts it in the hands of technicians and inspectors. Designed to withstand the rigors of being in the field, the InstaScope has all the features you need to sample wherever the job takes you.