DEI Handles Insurance Inspections.

DEI is a full-service home and office inspection firm. We have the experience needed to safely conduct a thorough insurance inspection for your home purchase or resale. DEI inspectors are properly insured and licensed for your protection and peace of mind.
When you buy or sell an older home, condo or rental property Florida, you will most likely need a 4- point inspection in order the qualify for a homeowners insurance policy.
Many insurance companies ask for a 4-point inspection when a home is older than 40 years, or a rental property is older than 30 years.  Even though you have an insurance quote you will need the 4-point inspection before they will allow you to buy the insurance policy.

4-point Inspections

A 4-point inspection looks at the roof, the electrical, plumbing, and the HVAC.   Most insurance companies need to know that the older home has been well maintained. The major systems should be in good working condition. This is different than a safety inspection, and these inspections are only done by a licensed inspector or building contractor.
The 4-points that we check for are:
  • Roof -  Type of Roof Covering (shingles, tile, rolled). The age and condition of the roof. Are there missing shingles or leaks?
  • Electrical System -  The type of the wiring in the home (copper, aluminum, knob and tube). The brand of the electrical panel. The condition of the homes electrical system
  • Plumbing System -    Type of supply and drain lines found in the home (copper, CPVC, galvanized, lead, polybutylene, etc. Is there evidence of current leaks?  The age of the hot water heater.
  • Heating and Cooling - Is there central heat and air in the home? The age and condition of the system. Are there signs of leaking?
DEI is well-versed and highly experienced in these 4-point inspections.

Wind Mitigation

DEI Inspections looks for things beyond the 4-point inspection such as Wind Mitigation. Does your home have features that may mitigate wind loss? If so, a Wind Mitigation Inspection could save you hundreds of dollars per year in your homeowner insurance rates.
The Issues we check regarding Wind Mitigation are:
  • Age of The Roof Covering -   
  • Roof Geometery -  Hip, gable or flat roofs.
  • Roof Decking Material and Thickness -    Plywood, OSB, or dimenstional lumber, thickness, condition, etc.
  • Nail Length and Nail Spacing - 
  • Roof/Wall Attachement hardware -    DEI Inspeactions will check your home and roof for straps, clips, and possibly even double straps, which are very rare.
  • Opening Protection (Impact Rated Glass) -  DEI will check for hurrican shutters, wood panels, or other material protecting your windows and doors.
DEI is well-versed and highly experienced in all types of Insurance Inspections.